Josie Schlachter
Nov 5, 10:56 PM
Friendly and fully stocked, clean and classy bathrooms, several sales!
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 29, 10:34 PM
lot is full
Brandon Kingsley
Jul 17, 5:18 PM
Found white gritty substance inside my fountain drink.
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R.A. P
Aug 15, 3:54 PM
Good folks here. No parking though.
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Aug 12, 3:17 AM
I like this Loves, but there is NO TRUCK PARKING.... just 2 truck fuel lanes, bathroom, Chester's Chicken, Godfather Pizza, and convenience store.
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Gayle Walsh
May 13, 12:29 AM
Godfather's Pizza or Chester's Chicken are great for a quick lunch or supper. Good variety if salad fixings and sub's made to your liking.
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