Juli A.
May 12, 8:27 AM
DISGUSTING. First time in my life I have asked for a refund on food. Would give 0 stars if I could. Chicken tenders were old, dry and inedible. Fries were...
D T.
Apr 26, 4:01 PM
Dinner hour (just after 6 pm) and they only have one cheese pizza made and a line of people waiting for slices. They are only willing to add pepperoni to...
Kimberly A.
Oct 8, 3:06 PM
This place is truly nasty. I was told I had to buy old looking stale pizza while a fresh one was in its way out. I was told I would not be sold a fresh...
Jul 12, 6:41 PM
Stopped to stretch our legs. Restrooms were OK. Place was clean. The food was a bit expensive. Only had 2 more hours to our destination so we waited and ate at a nice restaurant there for less.
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Chris M.
Jul 1, 9:06 AM
Made a quick stop along the turnpike as we headed back to Pittsburgh and was looking for a quick bite, lucky for us Roy Rogers was there for us. I have...
Jeffrey Miller
Jun 23, 4:49 PM
Large, functional service plaza. Clean, well-lit, well-maintained. Sizeable restrooms, several quick food counters, large seating area, convenience store, and fuel pumps (gas, diesel, E15). Plenty of parking, free Wi-Fi.
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JoyeDell Beers
Jun 21, 5:18 AM
When you've been traveling and need a nice, friendly, clean place to stop, stretch your legs, use the restroom, get something to eat, and relax for a little while, this is the place to stop. We got burgers from Roy Rogers. The employees were warm and friendly. The burgers were yummy and cooked to order. The facility was clean and well maintained. There were other places to get food and a gas station store for drinks and snacks to go. This service plaza gave us the needed pick up to finish our journey home. Great job to all! Please like this review if you found it helpful.
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Quinn Favo
Jun 15, 4:58 PM
Quick and easy
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Mark Greenwood
Jun 11, 6:06 AM
I like these Service Centers for the variety of services they offer and the variety of stores. However, the monopoly Sunoco has on these service centers makes for outrageous fuel prices compared to other gas stations, which you then have to pay Tolls on and off the turnpike, so you lose the lower fuel price benefit. This issue makes these service center stops very unpleasant. Recomnend getting fuel before and after getting on the Turnpike.
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Ramon Ramos Hidalgo
Jun 4, 10:05 AM
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May 20, 6:55 PM
Easy access well maintained pumps Fair gas prices
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Daniel Pitas
Mar 4, 10:11 PM
Parking lots, food, chairs, and gas. Everything the perfect, American rest top needs and deserves to get a 5-star rating. There are tens, if not hundreds of similar ones, but I have yet to find one that dissapoints. Also the strips and mac and cheese that I got at Roy's were pretty good. The bathrooms were definitely clean and tidy. I missed the massage chairs sadly. Plus, apparently there's a prison nearby, making for a neat sight-seeing spot.
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Marqus R.
Dec 18, 6:28 AM
Being 73 years of age, I of course remember Roy Rodgers as a television cowboy, but my question would be who under 50 years of age much less anyone under 30...
Marqus R.
Nov 4, 6:05 AM
As turnpike service plazas go, the North Somerset Service Plaza is a rather good one. It's clean, has spacious restroom facilities that are foul odor free...
Benoit Bennetot
Jul 25, 10:04 PM
Utile juste avant Pittsburgh
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Connie L.
Jan 29, 4:20 PM
I stopped by here on my way up to Pittsburgh on a Sunday in the early afternoon. It wasn't very busy, so there was plenty of parking and there was no line...
Thomas Wallace
Dec 24, 9:07 AM
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Saba S.
Aug 28, 5:25 AM
$4.50 for one slice of cheese pizza is a bit much. Even in Manhattan you can get a better pizza for a buck. The people behind the counter have very little...
Sean T.
Oct 4, 9:23 PM
You get what you pay for... A little pricier than city stops but a heck of a lot nicer. Great and various food selections... Nice place to relax, as...