Lucy Lou Stone
Jan 17, 4:26 PM
I've worked there for over a year now. This place has great co-workers and we have an excellent boss. Sometimes we have issues what convenient store don't all in all circle k is awesome. The kitchen is under new management and there food is great. There bathrooms are always clean. I give the place 5 stars any day.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 2, 9:08 AM
lot is full
May 24, 5:02 AM
The cashier had no idea people were in the store because she was in the restroom. When she was done, she didn't wash her hands before going back to the cash register. Apparently she was by herself, this means she touches the food! NASTY
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Phillip Rhodes
Dec 7, 2:11 PM
Cashiers aren't up to par to handle more that 1 customer at a time. Been there several tines & always waiting to get checked out. They most often seemed confused on what to do.... I would not like to be a trucker needing fuel & have to get pre-approved with EFS or other main line fuel cards. I can say it is a very nice store with its appearance. It needed it sooo much!
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Moises Romo
Jul 11, 2:56 AM
Nice clean little truck stop. No showers. Not a whole lot of spaces for parking.
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Mike Basham
Sep 25, 4:09 AM
Have been treated like crap twice now have not got any help or justice for the issues. My family and I go there more than 10x a day. I will never go back.
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