AMBEST Fuel Stop

Eric Phillipson
Mar 26, 5:10 PM
Not too friendly.. sorry.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 12, 1:51 AM
few spots
Jeri Smith
Sep 6, 6:15 AM
Lines were long.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 14, 3:21 PM
many spots
Joshlynn Millsap
Sep 3, 5:12 PM
LOVE your new chicken strips!!! They were hot, crispy, and taste amazing!!! Normally gas station food is not the greatest but I will definitely come back for more, maybe try your fried chicken next time! Great job!!!!!!!
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lynn taylor
May 28, 4:30 PM
I would give them no stars as this is the absolute worst place to go - the customers run the store not the employees?!? What is wrong with stupid people - bottom line I left my purchases on the stand and walked out bc they decided to give a customer ahead of me cash off his credit card! What is an ATM for?!? Get a grip Nebraska people - wake up and do the right thing and quit being insensitive to out of towners as it makes you look so fat you don’t need another cinnamon role or pizza and makes you look illerate and inbred!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!
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Tina Miller
May 16, 9:14 PM
We have stopped a couple times here in the last 2 weeks. All we wanted was a hot dog. I guess it is to hard to prepare or they sell awefully quick?
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