Walmart Supercenter

Dawn Lee Ann Chance
Sep 2, 2:33 AM
The Store was very clean! Very organized! We were looking for cat food we found a young Lady in a yellow vest who was a Riley Girl she showed us where Pet Food was located. The Cashier who checked us out was very friendly and kind.
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Gina Culver
Aug 25, 2:21 PM
They need to open more check out lines! The few that they open ( like 3) always have a huge line! Gets aggravating.... Other than that, love the place, always get good service from employees
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Megan Fisher
Aug 9, 4:36 PM
This has got to be one of the worst Walmart's i have ever been too, as far as finding the item you are needing there is really no issue there but if you are needing to speak with an actual employee good luck on that.( wouldn't try the phone either, they will just keep not answering or sending you to the wrong department) Even if you do manage to find a halfway competent employee they still never fail to make me regret ever even trying to begin with. Horrible Customer Care! Maybe when hiring in you should give them a basic customer care orientation then quiz them on it since almost every employee is a real piece of work. Thanks for nothing you have yet ANOTHER unsatisfied customer!
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Brian Reinhard
Jul 24, 1:14 AM
I had some great customer service when i was there. The electronics department was helpful and so was the auto department. Friendly and knowledgeable.
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Kathy Barekman
May 30, 2:06 AM
The pick up service is excellent. They'll even bring your order to your car in the parking lot. I absolutely love this service feature and soon they'll have groceries for pick up. You can find about anything you want online and pick it up the same day you ordered. Sometimes you might have to wait a day or two, but highly recommend it
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