Fellow Trucker
Mar 16, 5:39 PM
lot is full
Shaunna Gilbertson
Feb 27, 1:04 AM
Clean the bathroom if you want me to buy anything from your restaurant.
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David Newell
Sep 24, 3:33 PM
Laredo Taco refused to let me make an order. They served everyone else, except this white man.
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Mac Richeld
Aug 1, 2:05 AM
Big gas station, they always have more than one cash register so you don't have to wait for long, clean restrooms.
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Gilbert Hernandez
Feb 26, 6:55 AM
Place is great, 24 hours. Not much Truck parking, maybe enough for 5 or 6 trucks along the curb. Definitely a safe place, many State Troopers gather here.
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Sam G
Nov 20, 10:07 PM
Out of order restrooms, big fail
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