AMBEST Fuel Stop

Drew Pam Lopez
Sep 11, 11:30 PM
This stripes needs work on there coffee, it's to watery almost as if they double brew there coffee. ??? There hot food was all dried up, there leaving it to long. The tortillas need some work. I had the Carne Guisada taco. Not too bad. ?
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Fellow Trucker
Mar 16, 5:39 PM
lot is full
Shaunna Gilbertson
Feb 27, 1:04 AM
Clean the bathroom if you want me to buy anything from your restaurant.
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David Newell
Sep 24, 3:33 PM
Laredo Taco refused to let me make an order. They served everyone else, except this white man.
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Mac Richeld
Aug 1, 2:05 AM
Big gas station, they always have more than one cash register so you don't have to wait for long, clean restrooms.
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Gilbert Hernandez
Feb 26, 6:55 AM
Place is great, 24 hours. Not much Truck parking, maybe enough for 5 or 6 trucks along the curb. Definitely a safe place, many State Troopers gather here.
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