Farooq Virk
May 15, 6:09 PM
A beautiful rest area in the wilderness of Oregon. Surrounded by mountains with Juniper trees it gives an amazing view. You can feel the smell and freshness of Juniper trees all around. Sufficient parking space for trucks and cars. Very nice and clean washrooms. RV Dump is also available. Amazing place to stretch your legs and feel the nature.
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Stacy Kinnear
Mar 19, 10:17 AM
Cold but nice
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Julia Bartholomew
Oct 3, 12:19 AM
Very clean Easy to get into and out of. Has an RV dump station that is free. Downside no potable water.
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Jul 29, 3:13 PM
Always good to rest. It helps if it's a nice spot like this one.
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Gary Self
Aug 22, 11:58 PM
Sage Hen Rest Area is under construction but still semi-functional. The RV Dump fitting is installed at a 45-degree angle making it difficult to get the drain hose seated properly. As we discovered at another Oregon Rest Area, there are NO Trash cans.
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