AMBEST Fuel Stop

Ray's Random
Jun 21, 10:00 PM
Good clean place to take a break.
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Sherilyn Blanchard Jones
Mar 1, 8:57 PM
The bathrooms were clean. They have a Subway inside.
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Jordan Woodward
Dec 26, 1:21 AM
CAN NOT PAY AT THE PUMP WITHOUT SIGNAL LOYALTY CARD!! I wanted to pay at the pump and the fuel pump kept asking for a Signal Loyalty card which I do not have! Then after messing with the pump for a bit I noticed a small hand written sign taped to the pump that said if you do not have a Signal Loyalty card you must pay inside. I decided to drive on and fuel up at a Caseys in Symore.
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Taylor Shrock
May 26, 4:03 AM
I stop in here on a regular basis. Good fuel prices. Good food. An good service
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Perry Ford
Jul 3, 8:40 PM
A great place to fuel and grab lunch. (GET THE CATFISH!!) The food selection is pretty good, especially considering it's only a convenient store and gas station and diesel island for big rigs and RVs. Food choices include prepared sandwiches, hot deli items (tornados, corn dogs, etc.), Subway, Hunt Brothers made-to-order pizza, plate lunches with broasted chicken or catfish. (Best catfish I've had in years). Fuel prices 10 cents cheaper than nearby competitors. Good stop along hwy 60.
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Fellow Trucker
Nov 8, 6:31 AM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
Jan 30, 2:35 AM
no spots