TJ In Space
Apr 27, 6:03 PM
Semi parking and a easy walk to the gas station with non truck stop prices. Well maintained with nice park to walk in.
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Regina Mullins
Feb 27, 3:10 PM
Friendly staff. Clean restrooms! Hot delicious coffee. Lots of information to look at and brochures!
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Ryan Manring
Feb 20, 10:54 PM
Inside was clean, but I have to admit that the lovely woman attending to the place and capturing zip codes, was delightful and engaging in our conversation. I wish I would have taken her picture as I think they would have a lot more people go out of their way to stop by this intriguing Welcome Center where they could get directions, discover hidden gem restaurants, and learn some history.
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Lynda Thomas Bryan
Sep 7, 7:54 AM
Wow. Tall about a walk back in time? Picture this place from the 1800's because that is the feel you get upon arrival. I stopped when they were closed and walked around in the dark taking pictures. It was scenic at night and one of my favorite places to stop and soak up the history attached to this state!
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Beth Collier
Jul 7, 2:06 PM
Such a friendly welcome. And don't forget to look for the music notes on the sidewalk.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 12, 9:26 AM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
Oct 26, 11:46 AM
many spots