mark bieker
Oct 3, 1:54 PM
Very nice place to stretch your legs. Nice informative walk to the east along the paved path.
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Matthew Key
Sep 15, 9:02 AM
This was one of the more scenic rest area's that I have seen. If your lucky you can even bring home all the mosquitoes that you want. But, really clean facilities.
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Sep 9, 3:21 PM
Small parking lot. Nice shelters all around. Surrounded by flat land and lakes. Good place to stretch off the interstate.
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Jeff Buel
Jul 26, 7:13 PM
Small place for RV'S or tractor-trailer to park. Will hold about 5 at one time. Just a basic rest stop with rest rooms, nothing fancy. At least better than states that have NO rest areas.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 4, 5:27 PM
dot is set up there today.
Kacie Riggs
May 2, 2:49 PM
Nice and clean
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Fellow Trucker
May 1, 5:11 AM
few spots