Sonny C.
Apr 10, 3:38 PM
Never go there. Food sucks and pay at the pump means go in and get your receipt. Very unfriendly people.
Frank K.
Feb 8, 5:39 PM
Unfortunately the restaurant is now closed i would stop here for lunch or dinner making my way across 30 the folks who worked here were great people and...
Tamara P.
Dec 29, 7:31 AM
This restaurant/gas station combination is filthy and disgusting. There are tiles missing from the floor, which poses a hazard. I was forced to use the...
Lou Williams
Jul 16, 1:45 PM
Great food, great parking. Waitresses and staff on day shift are wonderful. Try and stop before 2!
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Joshua Appel
May 24, 1:03 PM
Stopped in while traveling on 30. Had their special, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans. It was alright, you could tell that the potatoes were boxed - Just add water. The service was pretty good but I'm not sure I would actively search this place out for dinner. It gets the job done and leaves you without much of a memory. Serves its purpose.
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David Dolinski
May 10, 1:54 PM
Convenient little gas station with a restaurant next door. In and out fast. They even have a special deal on Newport platinum 100s right now. 3.99$ a pack!
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Jr Hongerholt
May 9, 4:51 AM
Parking lot is nice and smooth now. Used to be full of holes really ruff to drive through. Lots of improvements yahoo.
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Scott Swigart
Nov 27, 1:45 PM
I used to enjoy this place. The new owners, foreigners, came in and effed it all up. Was in there yet and they had ONE waitress on duty. She couldn't take one lousy minute to actually stop and discuss items on the menu, but she did manage to put down the new owners; not that they didn't/don't deserve it. The old country counter seating is gone. The pleasant atmosphere is gone. $8.95 for a cheesey little salad bar with maybe 12 to 15 items on it??!! I can see the restaurant going out of business. The restaurant is what made this place such a nice place to stop.
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