Welcome Center

William Stowell
Jul 9, 1:46 AM
The person on duty was very friendly and knowledgable. Left there with plenty of good information
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Benjamin Grim
Jun 24, 12:20 AM
We frequently drop into the visitors center when we travel. This visit was just to check out some ideas we had heard about. It's a good place to get quick info on attractions & accommodations.
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Karen Cowan
Jun 15, 2:44 AM
Stopped in to use the restroom on the way home from abangor. Had the nicest discussion with both ladies there about the observatory on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. Very knowledgeable and interesting. Great customer service. They were closing up for the day but never made us feel rushed to leave the information center that gets locked at night. When we went out to the restroom, they quietly closed up and departed. Thanks Ladies !
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Domnic Sickles
Apr 25, 1:38 AM
Good place to stop and rest. Helpful friendly staff.
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Carol Racz
Apr 5, 7:09 PM
Nice rest area, vending machines with water food, snaks but no cofee. The personale from visiting center are very polite and kind. Bathrooms very clean. 10 parking place for trucks, u can sleep there.
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Fellow Trucker
May 7, 4:54 AM
no police
some spots