Lisa Ortlieb
Jul 2, 12:51 AM
I don’t know why the picture features the vending machines when the garden is absolutely beautiful! Great job to whoever plans, plants and maintains it.
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linda manges
Jun 26, 1:14 PM
Their master Gardner makes this a nice place to take a rest. Wish all the plants were labeled.
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Jessie Brown
Apr 16, 11:23 PM
The bathrooms here are very clean and they also have vending machines inside the building! Vending machines so all kinds of stuff including ice cream bars!! Heck yeah!! This is one rest area to stop at for sure especially if you had just want you even at Tastee Treat on your way somewhere!
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Eysa Fares
Mar 20, 6:16 PM
Clean and a beautiful place to stop and take a rest. it's located in a a good place, plenty of parking spots and snacks can be found inside. if you got a long drive south, resting here for a few minutes would the best option you have, Specially since the next rest Area is about an hour a way
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Kenny Moore
Jan 5, 12:31 PM
Not a ton to say. The rest area was reasonably clean, had plenty of parking, included a dog walking area for your canine friends. My only complaint, since we stopped during the winter, was the parking lot was plowed lazily. It doesn't take much additional effort to not leave piles of snow in the parking spaces.
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Fellow Trucker
Nov 10, 9:41 PM
no police
lots of spots