Slator Litt
Jun 11, 8:31 PM
Just your average gas station with some decent snacks
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Liz Ross
Jun 11, 5:36 AM
Late night crew may need to do another check of the bathroom otherwise it was fine.
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Jesse Tipton
May 1, 4:55 PM
They always welcome you when you walk into the store and their prices are competitive.
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Korey Williams
Mar 30, 9:38 PM
I was just kicked out for being an armed American... I'm fully licensed and insured to carry legally in oklahoma they have no signs on or about the property but still kicked me out. I will never stop at another loves again that was just rude and uncalled for.
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Angela Tyler
Dec 20, 5:53 PM
Good quality gas, great people, subway, pizza, any type of snack you could want. It's almost a one stop shop.
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