Country Store

Joseph Shaw
Apr 19, 2:16 AM
There was a buy one get one free Pepsi products for one dollar and I got it but I had to buy for both of them even though I asked in advance if the sign was true
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Melba Rowinski
Sep 15, 4:50 AM
The staff is really friendly. The pizza is excellent. They have non-ethanol gasoline.
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Bryleigh J
Dec 11, 7:57 AM
Either cj or tj don't remember the name has good comeback he is really nice
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Cassi Basden Owens
May 10, 12:43 AM
To all you needle junkies, the next time you decide to mutilate yourself over the devil, PLEASE do away from public venues, if you do own the facility it is NOT yours to stab yourself in, it is NOT yours to spray contaminated blood everywhere, & it is NOT yours to hide wet bloody syringes nor their caps (toilet paper holders are for toilet paper)!!! Your filthy nasty ways are sure to spread disease & if you dont care about yourself enough to stop, PLEASE DO NOT put my children nor anyone else's in danger, think about an innocent child's life possibly being devistated over you & your selfish ignorant ways..... ugh the eff'n nerve of whoever you are using the Loves on Mississippi in Ada, OK
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Matthew Lindhe
Nov 16, 9:22 PM
I always go to Loves if I need something. The gas is usually the cheapest and they usually have sales on items like Rockstars...
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