Walmart Supercenter

Jeff Martin
Jun 23, 8:20 PM
Customer service.... Non existent. Employee knowledge of product location... Not required. Employee s talking in mass groups joking about customers.... Plenty.
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Richard Fisher
Jun 14, 12:13 AM
Wal-Mart is doing a good job of social-distancing. Separate entry and exit. Mark spacing for lines. Staff with facial covering. In the pharmacy and at checkouts there are shields. The store is well stocked. There were a good number of self and attended checkouts.
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Rachel G
May 22, 11:48 PM
What is the purpose of the person at the door? Surely not to greet bc that is definitely not happening. Then the idea is to "social distance" but there are so many people waiting to get through the line, it is a little ridiculous. Not enough registers open or anyone there addressing it. This location may not be ready and should consider closing until then. We just left and didn't buy anything. We were hoping to spend with our local stores but I guess Amazon will again receive our business. Thanks.
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martin Henry
May 5, 12:40 AM
Bought a new laptop today and the service was great A young man named Sidney helped me and I am technically challenged. Sidney helped me, didn't try to over or upsell me and also let me know he made his own computer. I trusted him right away. I am a retail specialist in a different field and knew his information was accurate and I was going to buy from him. Thanks Sidney and Walmart.
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Evan McCartan
Jan 16, 6:46 AM
A good place to get cheap foodstuffs. Their bakery actually makes really, really good food. They keep rearranging the store though, so I get used to one layout and boom! New one next week. I highly suggest avoid getting pants here, though. Last few pairs of pants I got started to reek of someone having an 'accident' in them and the smell wouldn't come out no matter what I did!
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