Walmart Supercenter

Harlen Queen
Oct 8, 5:26 AM
Extremely large store, normally has everything that you are looking for in stock. Store seems organized and has the sections marked with large banners stating what department it is (Toys, Garden Center, Pets etc). It was after 11pm when I went leaving a scarce customer population luckily, only the grocery side is open and the self check outs are the only thing open. All in all fairly typical Walmart with Walmart products and Walmart prices. Welcome to Walmart get your sh!+ and get out...
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Lori Riley
Sep 27, 10:48 PM
Can i give no stars? When i got there they had absolutely no carts inside. I got my items and did self checkout loaded my arms with bags so i could leave a cart inside. Then i was very rudely asked for my receipt to be scanned and scan an item. I then had to juggle my bags to show her. I asked why they are treating customers like thieves and was rudely told they are checking everyone. They get a huge nope for my holiday shopping!
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Jason Watson
Sep 21, 12:27 AM
Supercenter that gets decent foot traffic but lines aren't long. We used to dive 30 mins to this location to bypass the ghetto one near our house. Surprisingly sometimes this location will be out of products. I never used the pharmacy or the auto part so can't speak to that.
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Terrell McArthur
Aug 16, 8:21 PM
If you're looking to get in and out .... Go ANYWHERE else. I simply needed a hitch receiver and even though the front end was packed it was no better in Auto as just 1 of the 3 customers ahead of me was at the counter for 6 total minutes as thing 2 tried to figure out the receipt printer........colorful playschool post-it notes might help but I'm sure locating them in stationary might be asking too much.
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James Parker
Jul 12, 6:10 PM
Let's be honest, it is a Walmart. With that said it is much cleaner than others I have been to. They have just about everything so really not much to complain about. I just wish they would open more lines. It can be very hard to check out quickly.
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