Walmart Supercenter

Anthony Hough
Oct 13, 1:20 PM
Clean store with different items I can not find at my usual Wal-Mart. More things for those who work and spend their spare time in the outdoors. They also had the self check with the belt open. That is something I have not seen at the Sugar Creek and Moraine locations in a long time. Went late on a Saturday so I can't comment on staff do to the very little number of them working.
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j h
Sep 26, 5:00 PM
Never enough "live" cashiers. This location has issues with keeping items stocked and carrying a good variety of certain items. Ex: Atkins low carb items.
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Donald Allen
Sep 21, 9:46 PM
Shelve should be stocked better or i will take my business somewhere else
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Cari Hillard
Aug 31, 1:07 PM
I am a night owl and I love being able to shop at night. The third shift employees are out of this world! Less hectic and and they are thrilled to lend a hand however you need it. Well trained and by far my FAVORITES!
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Jamika Woodburn
Apr 16, 6:53 PM
I am giving Walmart bakery 5 stars because of this cake. I was going to a very small bridal gathering and needed a cake for the gathering. I placed an order at Walmart and they completed the cake on the spot. A young lady completed the order by writing Congratulations Michelle on the cake. When I received the cake from her hands I could have cried. Not in utter disbelief of the job but of simple gratitude. I was grateful that I was serviced by an autistic member of the community. She had no doubt that she had done a fabulous job on the cake. I was not go to tell her otherwise. In my eyes, she did a fabulous job as well. Walmart: continue to hire people of diverse backgrounds. Two thumbs up Walmart.
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