Walmart Supercenter

Robert Carsey
Jun 20, 10:11 PM
This is a wonderful experience. They do a great job.
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Ben Brough
Jun 16, 4:32 PM
Living nearby makes it a convenient supermarket to shop at. I can easily walk over and get whatever I need without a problem. This is also the only walmart in Xenia, and even in some other cities, for miles.
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Dorothy Gibbs
Jun 7, 3:18 AM
Not a cart available which I usually use a riding cart none .couldn't find manager to make a complaint. Went down to other end and was carts no riders .up setting since I have leg problems and use cane
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Yolandi Kuhn
May 4, 4:59 PM
I walked up and down the isles looking for someone to help me in the hardware section! No one, not one single employee! I went over to gun section, no one, went over to the tire section no one! I had to go to Lowes to find someone to help me with what I was looking for. And on top of that, some of the staff wasn't wearing any masks? Are you kidding me! It's mandated! And Walmart when are you planning on mandating it for your customers???? I didn't feel safe in your store at all. So many ignorant people still out there! I would feel a lot safer shopping in a store where masks are mandated for everyone
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Jamika Woodburn
Apr 16, 6:53 PM
I am giving Walmart bakery 5 stars because of this cake. I was going to a very small bridal gathering and needed a cake for the gathering. I placed an order at Walmart and they completed the cake on the spot. A young lady completed the order by writing Congratulations Michelle on the cake. When I received the cake from her hands I could have cried. Not in utter disbelief of the job but of simple gratitude. I was grateful that I was serviced by an autistic member of the community. She had no doubt that she had done a fabulous job on the cake. I was not go to tell her otherwise. In my eyes, she did a fabulous job as well. Walmart: continue to hire people of diverse backgrounds. Two thumbs up Walmart.
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