Amy Rush
Jul 31, 4:08 PM
No toilet paper. Needs to be deep cleaned and maintained. Looks like it is never tended to. Needs to be fully stocked with toilet paper and soap. Absolutely disgusting. Never using it again. Please send staff there to clean it. Thanks
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Doreene Stern Castro
Jul 31, 3:32 AM
Taking a driving break.... Really pretty view.
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Jul 22, 4:47 PM
Restrooms where locked and no water. No closed sign on interstate entrance ...waste of time!!!!!
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Leah Zeller
Apr 3, 6:31 PM
Nice picnic areas and dog areas too. Wheelchair accessible. However, only 3 stalls in the women's bathroom.
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Denise Barlock
Mar 12, 7:30 PM
This was a great place to spend the night along with the truckers. We felt safe and were able to get in and out with no problem.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 13, 6:04 AM
no police
lot is full