Jenny H.
Mar 5, 6:17 PM
We stopped for gas and pizza on our cross country trip from MD to CA. The Godfather's pizza was delicious but the TV was tuned to Fox and it was so loud we...
Soni C.
Dec 18, 1:21 PM
This has always been a favorite place to fuel. I've never found them to be out of anything that I went there to get and the lines are never long. Bathrooms...
Beauti B.
Aug 2, 9:00 AM
Much more than enough room to turn the Penske around! Show LOVES some love! ~#FollowMeToTampa #CrossCountryCheckinChallenge with @TheBlindianBarbie ~
Andrew Wang
Jun 29, 1:01 AM
Outstanding service and had no problems. While I was there, higher ups from Love's were there so that's probably why everyone was on their toes. I had absolutely no complaints regarding the service or my experience at this location.
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Anna Chan
Jun 21, 8:28 PM
I am partial to Love's travel stops, and we have been coming here for the past 3 years. This location is always kept clean and well stocked.
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Vlad Tepes
Apr 19, 2:43 AM
It's been about 3 years since Loves took over this truck stop. I had high hopes but I'm disappointed. I was hoping that they will redesign the truck parking. It was many parking spaces but in half of them it's in possible to park.
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Erich Treuber
Mar 2, 1:16 AM
This is the worst place to go of you need propane. I waited for a half hour and still no one is available to help fill my tanks. Run around run around run around. It would have been faster to go to Sierra Vista. Who knows maybe even Tucson. Remember Loves we don't get paid to be here. You do!
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Roger Rodrz.
Jan 28, 8:15 AM
This is a great location for a truck stop and has most a good places to get a motel inside another gas station on the side you can find a Subway inside if you need anything else to eat parking lot is very accessible and comfortable place is nice and clean would like a little more extra personnel but other than that this place gets a big thumbs up
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 3, 10:16 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Jul 28, 3:53 AM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Jun 13, 3:23 AM
lots of spots
Sherry C.
Jun 5, 1:42 PM
We discovered how useful the Love's app is on our trek from California to Texas on Interstate 10 and return trip on Interstate 40. Convenient for fueling...
Fellow Trucker
Feb 5, 12:51 PM
lots of spots
Marissa M.
Mar 1, 1:08 PM
I must be the only person who consistently finds the women restroom trashed. Only mark my territory if I absolutely have to after AZDOT's ridiculous...
Rodonna R.
Jun 3, 6:51 PM
Beautiful place , but the restrooms are totally gross and they stink bad. I wish I didn't have to use it. I would not eat in there if I was starving