Walmart Supercenter

Dale Coy
Jun 8, 2:24 PM
Prices and availability were great. Need to be more interested in folks who don't want to be their own checker. I don't! If I did I would fill out an application.
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Mike Hazelwood
Feb 17, 5:59 AM
My pet peeve there, is a lack of Handicapped Scooters, because they're often taken by teenagers and those whom Do NOT "NEED" Them! But on my last 3 visits, I had no trouble getting one! But, they need to make Someone Responsible for keeping them Charged! My last 3 shopping experiences there, were pleasant!!!
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matt cahill
Feb 8, 11:59 PM
Super clean and organized. Conveniently located just off rout 19 only a few miles from the new river bridge. Several restaurants nearby and several other shops in the plaza. We had to deal with customer service on this trip and it was quick and very helpful. Better than most Walmart's. Highly recommend
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Mark Basniak
Oct 22, 3:07 PM
3rd walmart I been to in west virginia. I just wish they had their own dedicated souvenir room like the one in Vienna. Other than that nice store!
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Don Johnson
Jul 29, 6:33 PM
Love 'em or hate 'em... there is always one handy. I just needed a couple of items, so being in the immediate area it saved me a trip to my own local Walmart.
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