Walmart Supercenter

Michael Fernandez
Oct 6, 6:20 AM
Will it was easy to fined all the thing I want. And ever go time for check out
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James Williams
Sep 20, 9:26 PM
It's Walmart, long lines at the few registers. Mostly low quality Chinese products. Food selection is good.
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Roger Lance
Sep 18, 9:17 PM
Bad bad when there is all self checkouts I will never set foot in the store are taking jobs away and making more profit. Win win for you . you better not need my money I already don't shop ripoff Friday.
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Don Johnson
Jul 29, 6:33 PM
Love 'em or hate 'em... there is always one handy. I just needed a couple of items, so being in the immediate area it saved me a trip to my own local Walmart.
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Ann Chafin
Jul 5, 2:39 PM
Picked up my order with no problems and it was exactly what I ordered. The procedure was very quick. It was a very good experience. This was for a product that is not carried at the store. This was the day after a holiday and the store was quiet and the stock people were very busy restocking the shelves.
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