AMBEST Fuel Stop

NightCoon 900
Jun 23, 12:14 PM
Always love there chicken legs and breakfast tacos
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May 23, 8:49 PM
Carné guisada tacos here are really really good in the mornings!
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Katie Carter
Nov 16, 1:34 AM
I go here for my ice refills. I just hate that the price of the ice changes with the cashier. Other than that, I love the food. It isn't like gas station food at all! Is go for breakfast and lunch if i could.
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Irma Gonzalez
Nov 4, 4:28 PM
Went to pump gas and the cashier was new. he pushed cash and I only had my debit card. The manager told me there was nothing that could b done. I had to get $20 out the ATM and pay the $2.50 atm fee. This is unexplainable this was not my fault. No one apologized! Pumps slow and half the time don’t work!
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Candan Ergun
Feb 13, 5:03 AM
Good food and tacos store is clean friendly good service but night time and early in the morning bathroom not clean
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 2, 5:59 PM
few spots