Walmart Supercenter

Danny McCarty
Sep 28, 7:02 PM
Won't shop Wal-Mart ever again. Because thier a soft company. i won't spend my money anywhere. That I can't carry. I my American right. No second . No shop there
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Melanie Henry
Sep 26, 5:41 PM
Most organized & clean Walmart I've been to & the floor employees were so friendly! BEST makeup selection too! All around a good trip to Walmart & I never say that lol however the self checkout lady was a little rude to us & others while we were checking out...
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Angel Crowder
Sep 24, 6:18 PM
It was great!! this time the lines was actually pretty fast checking they had more than one lane open
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Steven Mayes
Aug 19, 2:34 PM
I bought two new tires here 3 days ago they were so busy the wrong tire was replaced. 3 days later they happily resolved the problem immediately. Very professional!! The guys in the shop replaced the tire free of charge exceptional service. ! A + for service
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Judith North
Jul 10, 7:39 PM
Beautiful store! It's well stocked and clean. Shelves were neat and straight and no mess on the floors! It was beautiful! Staff was kind and helpful! We will definitely be back!
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