Fellow Trucker
May 30, 5:52 AM
few spots
Barbara Ann Turner
May 22, 7:23 PM
What A Beautiful Rest Stop Just SAD ? That The Welcome Center Was Closed For Remodeling Had FUN Running ? ?‍♀️ & Playing & Getting Some Energy Out
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Charles Riddick
Mar 6, 3:00 AM
It's a Rest Area. Truck parking is very TIGHT!! Impossible to try and park a truck in between two other trucks. As a result there are several spaces open which end up being a tease because you can't actually access them. Overall the property is clean and well kept. Plenty of car parking spaces and convenient vending machines. Truck parking definitely needs improvement.
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Nomadic Tales
Dec 26, 12:13 AM
Very clean rest room so many outdoor spot to have lunch.
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Kurt Hickling
Feb 26, 8:20 PM
Quiet, clean and relaxing rest area. Staff is pleasant and friendly.
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Oct 11, 12:24 PM
Chetan Swamy
Sep 5, 5:25 PM
The place is beautiful. Has vending machines, clean and well maintained washrooms, magazines and maps and very helpful staff who are eager to help and guide you. The parking lots are huge with separate sections for cars, cars with trolleys and trucks.
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