Ralph S.
May 18, 4:51 AM
Just won my money back I'm out of here thanks Vegas work today and how good night America
Jane M.
Apr 30, 7:22 PM
Combo Casino Restaurant Gas Station McDonalds and Souvenir Shop with High Kitch Factor We stopped by for gas and restrooms. I. was surprised to find not...
Fellow Trucker
Dec 29, 9:22 AM
lots of spots
Norm K.
Dec 6, 10:48 AM
I thought I had reviewed this Terrible's in Searchlight but it popped up as being my first check in. This is my restroom break whenever I've gone to...
May 10, 12:25 PM
While driving to Boulder City we stopped here to stretch our legs & try our luck. This spot has a small casino (no cards,try the bowlingo), bar, McDonald's, & convenience store. I prefer the Terrible's Roadhouse (formerly the Nugget) up the road
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Gary Burtenshaw
Nov 14, 1:03 AM
Ripoff high price on diesel fuel. Terrible unfriendly service.
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 6, 4:54 PM
lots of spots
George Low
Sep 3, 12:03 AM
Not what I was hoping for. This gas station / convenience store / casino offers a bit of each, but does not excel at any. The gas prices were fair, the store oddly laid out and the casino small with a huge odor.
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Chris C
Apr 24, 3:36 PM
I generally like the Terribles, but this one is actually terrible. There is a small casino attached and the stench of cigarette smoke permeates the entire building. There are no doors separating the casino from the convenience store, so the nice fresh fruit at the checkout is surrounded by the stench of stale cigarette smoke. No thank you. I couldn't get out of this place fast enough, and will plan gas and bathroom breaks to avoid this location at all costs.
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Rick Terrazas
Apr 23, 4:04 PM
This is a great store for this area. They accommodate the locals, boater, travelers, RVers, and long haulers. This is a true convenient store with fresh veggies and fruit. They do a great job at this small town hub.
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