Country Store

Johnny Barclay
Aug 17, 9:03 PM
Jennifer is an ice employee who needs a raise she is very nice to customers she held the door open for me and my buddy when we come up I really appreciate that you can't find that in many stores so give her a raise
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Maria Sanchez
Apr 23, 4:37 PM
Amazing cashiers!! Everyone is super friendly and store is very well kept.
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Tylor Aaron
Nov 25, 4:16 PM
The employees were super nice. I had a flat tire had to wait in their parking lot .went in for breakfast food was on point store was clean they were very helpful and friendly.
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Jennifer Miles
Nov 19, 8:29 PM
Our store rox! Xoxo
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Apr 14, 2:47 PM
lot is full
Dan E.
Dec 31, 6:50 PM
Watch them when they make your Subway. Normally good but not today. It wasn't until I returned to work that I realized the employee over SALT/PEPPERED my sandwich making it inedible. I would have brought it back but my time is more valuable than the $5 sandwich Thanks Gage
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