Cheryl H.
Jan 3, 9:53 AM
Huge with everything! The food court was absolutely the best we've ever seen, with fresh pizza by the slice, hot soups, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit,...
Fellow Trucker
Sep 6, 2:55 AM
lot is full
Richard A
Jul 20, 1:36 AM
Great dtop. Good baybrooms, food assessment, plenty of gas pumps and nice people.
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Chris Whelan
Jul 15, 6:56 PM
This is a great place to stop between Florida and Georgia- they have great food selections as well as cool souvenirs. It was very easy to get to and the gas was not expensive- have a great trip !
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Jeffrey Lloyd
Jul 10, 8:35 PM
Very good place to stop clean awesome food . A must stop off on way to and from florida I recommend this to all travelers going south on 95 and north from florida on 95. Friendly service all very helpful.
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Jennifer C.
Jun 19, 10:10 AM
Very busy travel stop for truckers and travelers alike. In addition to plentiful outdoor fuel pumps, they have a wide variety of travel, drink, snack, and...
May 11, 5:27 PM
Left my wallet in the lady's room, someone turned it into the store. The manager on duty Lori was so kind called me back very quickly to let me know she had it and we made arrangements to get it back to me. This is why we use Pilot Flying J travel center. They are also always clean.
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doug jones
Apr 20, 1:17 PM
Stop here last night and filled up this morning. I took a shower and the shower was clean. I got Subway and it was good and fresh. And then this morning I got some items off the breakfast bar. My only complaint about everything is powdered eggs
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Mar 14, 2:30 AM
some spots
Nyla S.
Feb 2, 8:20 AM
This is probably one of the cleanest truck stops I've been to. The staff were very friendly and helpful and every 30 min to a hour they do a bathroom check...
Fellow Trucker
Oct 14, 6:08 AM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Jun 25, 5:18 PM
lots of spots