Stephen Hoist
Jul 18, 11:50 AM
It's a rest area. The area was clean and well maintained. The restroom was clean. There isn't much else to say about a rest area. Wasn't many people there so parking was plentiful.
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Connie Ellis
Jun 11, 10:23 PM
Just about everywhere we go especially to doctor's appointments in Birmingham, it takes us a good hour and a half to get there and of course to return home. Having a rest facility along the way that is always clean is a godsend, especially for older people or people with medical issues.
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Anna Yates
May 7, 2:33 AM
Thankful to the kind security guard working on a Sunday evening that lent me his cell phone when I locked my keys and phone in the car while with my 2 yr old son who had a massive explosion in his carseat! And also checked on me as I waited for assistance to see if I needed anything! Very kind, thoughtful employee you have!
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Macabre Forever
Apr 13, 4:04 PM
Four boys and the journey to the next restroom is endless. We like to stop at rest areas and stretch out our legs, smoke a cigarette, let the boys play a few minutes and have a drink (ready for the next potty time!) The bathrooms here were clean, picnic areas were clean as well, glad we stopped in and seen it.
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RV Radio Show
Mar 26, 7:11 PM
this was a great rest area. It had a place for pets very clean and lots of pine cones on the ground. I am from the south so it's nice to see pine cones all around. there was plenty of literature to help guide me through the whole state of Alabama so I didn't have to ask any questions anyone. Sweet Home Alabama tourist guide is very informative taking it with me when I try to find some other sites...
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 7, 9:57 PM
no police
some spots
Damit boy
Apr 30, 10:45 AM
no police
lot is full