AMBEST Express

Delvyn FOX
Apr 29, 11:23 PM
Someone finally mowed the grass for the first time this spring! Yeeaayy! That'll make some great grass bales! Crazy turkey Hill. We want the good ole Martin's trailside back
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Travis Houck
Apr 9, 7:51 PM
Place used to be great till TurkeyHill bought it. This place made the best chicken and had the friendliest employees, now all that has changed. I even bought a quart of whole milk the other day and when I opened it the milk was sour despite having a date of May 4 in it. The place is dirty and the bathrooms never work right when I'm there. If I could rate it less then 1 star I would. Dont waste your time going here.
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James Smithers
Jan 19, 10:43 PM
It is not the same now that Turkey Hill has purchased it. Fuel prices are more expensive than before. They still have off road fuel. Decent amount of truck parking, clean showers friendly people. But after all the negative 1 star comments I haven't seen one response from management..... What that tells me is Turkey Hill does not care. But it appears that business is suffering as I only saw 2 customers come in the store while I was there....
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May 16, 5:16 PM
For a Verizon user this place has very low signal which for me is a deal killer. But if you ok without entertainment then this place seems very much a great place to take a break
many spots
L Gerald
May 2, 1:11 PM
Very clean and well organized store. I love this place!
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 7, 7:07 PM
few spots
Mervin Stoltzfus
Mar 10, 10:25 PM
Clean and orderly. Great service. Good gas prices for the area. Christian company.
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