Michael Hunt
May 3, 1:00 AM
Good food from morning, but gets kind of tired in the evening, but they keep good chicken legs in the food cabinet.
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Jon Matus
Apr 17, 10:56 PM
Great customer service!
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Kevin Steinert
Nov 3, 2:10 PM
Stopped to get gas and tacos, not busy at all ordered 2 potatoe and egg with a strip of bacon, left went to eat tacos and all I see is potatoes and chunks of bacon. Really it's not rocket science to make a taco you can't read P.E. BAC
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Oct 3, 2:56 AM
some spots
Richard D Rodriguez
Mar 3, 11:28 PM
There are about two or three employees here that are polite and respectful. The others seem like they are stuck on themselves and their own misery of working there. I feel for those who try to give their customers the most positive experience.
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 7, 4:21 AM
some spots
Jason Dziuk
May 1, 5:08 PM
A very nice, attractive storefront with an impressive food counter inside. Incredible aromas of enchiladas greet you upon entering. Their tortillas are all fresh-made; they were cooking a fresh batch when we walked in. Besides tacos ($2, giant, lots of meat), they also had a $3.99 enchilada plate (3 enchiladas plus two sides), and I also saw chicken fried steak in the serving area. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get a discounted price for gasoline when paying cash.
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