Flying J Cardlock

Todd Dunford
Mar 3, 10:35 PM
You can get a UHaul from this location now. The lady there is nice and easy going. You can just return your UHaul next morning and drop off the keys.
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Raven St.Michel
Feb 28, 5:28 PM
The cashier was super friendly and the coffee is always fresh..she makes a point of that..truck parking is tight but so are alot of other places thru North America Ty for the great coffee (and the diesel)
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Bill Rockwell
May 26, 1:54 AM
Good for rv:)
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Derek McLennan
Sep 17, 1:29 PM
Keep on trucking, don't stop here. It's nothing more that a dump truck parking lot. And the store hasn't been open since before the fire a year ago, so no bathroom either. Keep going, don't stop, your best bet is to hope you make it back to Anzac or Wandering River.
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 23, 11:09 PM
Open Southbound
Ashton Bannister
Feb 5, 1:43 AM
I don't think there's a worse Flying J in the world. Puny Store is never open pumps are old and washer fluid is buckets on posts that barely ever get replenished.. False advertising pretty much as every other flying J has hot food and coffee 24/7.
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