Kevin Tracy
Jun 21, 7:50 PM
The Mighty Samson of the Cimarron is a great engineering marvel from 1939. Spanning the Cimarron River some 1269' at 113' above the water was quite an accomplishment of the day. The Rest Area no longer exists except the healing and twisted Pike's of concrete and rebar. Worth it to stop and see the bridge!
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David Paul
Oct 17, 7:26 PM
Restrooms need a lot of attention, some modernization would be good as well. Whole rest area could use some attention and sprucing up. Great views but the rest area is starting to become a plight on the scenery around it. Come on Kansas, being the neighbor to my home state of Missouri, I expect a little more.
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Tracy Fish
Jul 10, 2:21 AM
Happy to come across this rest area, not a lot of choices on the highway for big rigs to take a 10 hour break. That is for those of us not familiar with this part of Kansas. Seems okay, though I was the only vehicle here when I parked. Could use some more lighting for safety.
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Jun 10, 10:23 PM
All I can say is NASTY
no spots
Serena Uible
Jun 3, 4:45 PM
Okay rest stop. Not maintained very well. Shrug. Good enough for my purposes. Nice view of railroad bridge.
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Golden Child
Nov 12, 3:11 AM
Had a great day driving and loved my spot resting here for a few.
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Fellow Trucker
Nov 9, 6:22 AM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
Aug 29, 9:09 AM
Unlit except for interior lights in bathroom
few spots
Savoir-Faire is everywhere
Apr 1, 6:13 PM
many spots