Fellow Trucker
May 16, 3:06 AM
lot is full
Mar 1, 1:38 PM
some spots
Otto Schaffenberg
Jul 20, 3:18 PM
It a great place to stop at they have a little bit of everything there the only place I get my gas from
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Lowell Linde
Jun 22, 10:01 PM
I went to get fuel for my RV. I had to go inside to start the pump. The clerk asked how much fuel i wanted. I wanted to fill up, maybe 45 gallons it would take. She would not allow me to fill up. I had to give her a dollar amount. I said, OK give me $100. She took my card, rang up $100 and when i was done i could have put in another 12 or 15 gallons. They lost some of my business and i had to stop another time to fill up instead of getting home..
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Ashley Mead
Jun 17, 11:43 AM
This is the only place my boyfriend gets gas. 4 stars only because all the cashiers I've met have been weird.
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William Campbell
May 21, 7:48 PM
This place is awesome on prices food and service! Sometimes the service. Lol
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Neal Porter
Mar 29, 3:14 AM
Great coffee. Good selection of items. A Subway. And clean bathrooms.
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May 2, 4:21 AM
some spots