Fellow Trucker
Apr 5, 6:10 AM
lot is full
Dale Y.
Jul 25, 6:45 AM
The new pilot sucks can't even get into the gas pumps it's ok if you need diesel the old one across the street was great who designed this fiasco
Tika Drought
Jul 18, 4:40 PM
All is great about this stop. We were given a handicap room #1 as requested. The bench in the shower is pulling from the wall and the bench is slanted downward. We were already in the shower when we noticed this a danger in waiting. I say shower#1 needs "a non working sign until fixed". This is very dangerous. My veteran is stage 4 copd and gets dizzy. No excuse to cause stress or accidents. This event was mentioned to the helpful manager.
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Gary Collette
Jul 11, 3:27 AM
I like this store it get every thing you need you can get in out fast and it got the cheapest gas in town and sometimes they have good deal on cigarettes and they are open 24 hours day
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DAvid Elliott
Jul 2, 3:10 AM
pallet is a great place to fuel your vehicle up whether you're driving a truck or car always low fuel prices has great snacks good fruit fresh fruit in a variety of other things always has clean restrooms I'll always stop
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Sarah M
May 7, 5:08 PM
Usually has a good price. Subway inside. Near a couple of other fast food places. Watch your speed and seat belts on I 75 near here. Good customer service.
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Jada Z.
Apr 22, 4:25 AM
This Pilot is the nicest ever, a beautiful store! Super clean, very well stocked, and prices are right. The staff is awesome, very polite.
Feb 15, 3:00 PM
lots of spots
Jan 16, 7:15 PM
it has a lot of seat outside and parking space. Bathrooms are clean. Coffees are always hot even if they have to clean trash more frequently. Food is warm and cozy and have great selection and they have a nice corner with chairs where you can seat and eat I like the new tumblers they have. Pumps are clean and new, so pumping is pretty easy and quick. Music is always right volume and nice fountain drinks and swirl are always pumping! beer section is huge
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Sandra F.
Nov 22, 3:05 PM
Whenever I travel, I try to look for Pilot Travel Centers because they are usually easy access to get in and out of, gas is cheaper, the convenient store...