Faye Johns
Jul 5, 6:37 PM
One of my favorite places to stop when traveling across TX. Clean restrooms, good picnic areas, and a pretty view.
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Robert Huber
Jun 29, 3:56 PM
Beatuiful rest area. Very nice bathrooms. Way nicer than the gas stations we stopped at on the way to Lubbock from Dallas.
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Allen G
May 31, 12:35 AM
I've been there twice .Both times with my best friend Susie q. We stoped on our way back while on a road trip out Lubock way it's got rock cliffs with the white river running through its crayons. Quana Parker fought the US Calvert near there .any way it's a nice place to take a Breck. Eat a bite . and look at some wild beautiful country with some history about it 4 star place
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May 14, 5:00 AM
My family and I love to walk around here. If you can find the stairs there is a small waking path with bbq grills and benches down by the river. We have been here many times. Watch out for snakes by the way. "Always be aware of your surroundings in Texas, we have rattle snakes here!" Anyway this last trip to silver falls was a sad one. Usually you can walk down under the overpass/bridge and see the small water features. Now that area is inaccessible. There is a barricade across the first set of stairs that takes you down to the best spot. And for good reason. I don't know if the stairs and ground were washed out or if it was a sink hole. Either way we were pretty surprised to see this!
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Colleen Mann
Mar 20, 8:47 PM
Restrooms: Very clean. Smells great. Winter or summer the temperature inside is perfect. Outside: Well manicured, lots of trees, no trash around, great place to take a break. Staff: Very friendly, polite, work hard to keep everything clean & neat.
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