jana hughey
Jun 20, 5:37 AM
We traveled here to share a bit of my childhood with my children. When I was young we always came and swam at the falls in the summer. It was so much fun. The place has really changed. It is nice what they did to make it a rest stop. Though it is sad that the park was not really preserved. As soon you get off of the road there are signs everywhere that state " Enter at own risk." Bring some good shoes and go for it. It is very pretty. It would have been really nice if the falls were not dried up. Bring a picnic enjoy the scenery.
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Jessi Chance Kendrick
Mar 21, 6:13 AM
I have traveled around the world personally and professionally..... last 4 years been enjoying "Over The Road" OTR Trucking and must say (hands down and without question the nicest rest area I have ever been to)
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Kris Breis
Jan 7, 10:59 AM
One of the nicest rest areas in the middle of nowhere. Clean restrooms and nice picnic tables. Seemed like the grills had never been used before, they were so clean. Beautiful little hiking area in the back with more picnic tables and grills. Definitely felt safe while we overnight parked. Security guard even came up to us to make sure we were okay and told us to let him know if we needed anything, he’d be there all night.
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Aimee K
Aug 7, 10:32 PM
Absolutely fantastic rest area, immaculate restrooms, beautiful landscape with individual picnic areas and lots of parking. The person who maintains this place is doing an excellent job.
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Jeanne Johnson
Jun 4, 8:01 PM
Super clean restrooms, great parking, and most of all the beautiful scenery. This is a must stop if you are near by. Just make sure you look at the waterfall under the bridge.
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