Walmart Supercenter

Judy Morgan
Oct 12, 6:47 PM
Great customer service! The store is extremely clean and organized! I was pleasantly surprised after suffering through the stores in Richmond and Rosenberg.
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Jana Harrington Hall
Sep 16, 12:57 AM
This store has improved immensely since we moved to the area some 7 years ago. Super nice cashier, neat and tidy store, and surprisingly fast to get through on a Sunday afternoon.
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Anna Mills
Sep 6, 11:27 PM
Stood in the razor Dept waiting someone to come unlock the razor I could buy it. Waited twenty minutes for someone to come help, 2 different associates approached me and both told me someone would come. No one did. I helped two different shoppers find things. And directing them to the bathroom. So many associates, but so little help. But on a up note, they had my yarn that wasnt in stock at 5 points.
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Catherine Jenkins
Aug 31, 7:06 PM
There’s a reason why Walmart will eventually go out of business. They advertise a price on their website and don’t honor it in their store. It was shipped and sold by Walmart in their website for $239. The store had it for $259. They told me to order it online for pick up in store. If I wanted to order online I would buy from Amazon or Google directly the item I wanted. The store employees are pushing customers to shop online by telling them that. A customer who drove half an hour to buy an item. I wasn’t even asking them to price match a competitor. They should honor their own prices.
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Stanley West
Jul 11, 9:58 PM
Found everything I needed. Except I wish they would incorporate some of the basic items into the food section. For example I got all my food but then had to go to the other side of store to get charcoal and body wash
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 22, 1:25 AM
lots of spots