AMBEST Fuel Stop

The Greasy Gus
Jan 18, 6:42 AM
Poor service and a rude lady
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Meet Pi
Jan 18, 6:38 AM
TRY YOUR HARDEST NOT TO SUPPORT THIS LOCATION. The owner is a complete Muppet, doesn't even know the legal tobacco age in her own state.
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Eric Beeson
May 23, 1:48 AM
How hard is it to make popcorn? Lately at least 7 out of 10 times they're always out of popcorn, and it's not like they're slammed with customers, the person behind the counter will just be standing there! It used to be worth going in there because the popcorn is really good, now it just seems to be a waste of time.
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Johnie Witthuhn
Dec 19, 11:48 AM
Pulled in to get email printed off because ampride truck stop doesn't have a fax or internet I guess no problem .50 cents and going to make delivery. Thanks for being an up to date truck stop for today's work requirements and a really big screw you ampride I saw computer sitting there with a printer.
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Vincent Smith
Oct 10, 3:00 PM
Thought it would be great to stop here, the wolf on the awning was welcoming. But we were mistaken. Took over 5 minutes to only pump $3 worth of gas while it’s cold outside. The bathrooms were also a complete disaster. Avoid at all costs while driving through Hastings, there are better gas stations a few minutes down 6
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