Walmart Supercenter

Aaron Dendy
Jun 20, 8:35 PM
Wal Mart is the place we go to only if I absolutely have to I try to get in and out. The employees are definitely the lowest on the scale when it comes to customer service and knowledge about the store also don't the the fact that weird homeless junkies loiter around the front door.
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Simply Ki
Jun 20, 7:08 AM
Small size. Hair section is horrible. Never enough lanes, rude employees. Police stay arresting people in there. If I could give zero stars that would be well deserved.
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Page Fuller
Jun 15, 7:33 PM
I usually love Wal-Mart but this last time we went it was awful. Half the parking lot was getting black topped so there was nowhere to park, very limited on tank tops/summer clothes and the elderly lady I take care of needed a spot to sit and they took all the benches out of the whole store. Forwards not backwards y'all.
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Mary Scheib
Jun 1, 1:18 AM
It was scary at Walmart today most people were not following the guidelines Walmart has put in place. I understand how hard it is but I can't keep risking it. Thank you for trying i will use mail order as much as I can
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Israel Garcia
May 21, 5:29 AM
Well they were out of stock on a lot of the things I was looking for, despite the fact that their website said that it was in stock which is the entire reason I came to the store because it was supposed to be in stock. I was also looking for a blender which you would think would be with the blenders but it was actually on the next aisle over with the mixers. Overall though this seems to be a better Walmart than most of the other ones oh, they have more products here and a better selection of things that you need and want than most other Walmarts in this area.
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