Walmart Supercenter

Walker Lindemann
Oct 16, 12:41 PM
I try to avoid this place anytime I can. Staff typically has no idea where item are or if they even have the items. Surrounding Walmart’s are much nicer and offer better services and products.
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Ricardo Barreiro Guzmán
Oct 15, 2:19 AM
It is very close to the neighborhood, easy access, great parking and guarded, I find everything I am looking for and fast payment. Nice place.
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Ash R
Sep 26, 8:03 PM
The blonde female pharmacist at this Walmart location was extremely sweet and helpful. She made my experience so lovely. She took her time to help me even though she was extremely busy. I had several questions about some over-the-counter products near the pharmacy and she stepped away from her desk and stopped what she was doing to take the time to help me. She couldn't have been a nicer to me. I really appreciate her help!
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Brie Teas
Sep 21, 1:45 AM
You never know what you might find there. I had to take off one star, though, because they no longer sell live goldfish, which was pretty disappointing. But they still sell my espresso and curry powder.
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Richard Inglis
Jul 15, 6:02 AM
Walmart usually has just about anything you want well stock. Wish they would stop asking me about some place I was 8 months ago. I've been to many Walmart sense. Biggest problem not enough cashiers checkout lines too long. I'll still give them 5 stars
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