Nancy Mei
May 20, 11:19 PM
VERY CLEAN. When ever we drive up to our Daughter's lake cabin, we will stop there to use there place then at a gas station.
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Mar 18, 2:17 PM
This location was very clean. There's a large parking area so you don't have to worry about spots. We used this location in the morning, so I do not know about the lighting at night.
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timothy lindstrom
Oct 25, 6:18 PM
Always a good thing to stop! Riding motorcycle in the Fall means trying to stay warm. Rest areas are a welcome place to stretch the legs, walk around and use the facilities. Old Highway 10 has 2 rest areas one north of Ramsey and this one, south east of St. Cloud. Yes , the traffic will keep on rolling with out you. However be safe and stop. You may catch up to the snarling traffic , if there is an accident!
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 17, 1:05 AM
few spots
Jeannette Hill
May 26, 4:21 AM
Nice little rest area and visitor center.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 12, 4:24 PM
Dot is in the rest stop
Cory Shubert
May 13, 9:48 PM
Love the look of the sign. Nice stop and well kept.
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