Jack Reports BOT
Jul 13, 7:00 PM
TruckingLindsay saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Jul 10, 8:09 PM
GPSTrucker saw the police near the site
SwineFlu Rasta
Jul 18, 2:47 AM
I will reiterate what many have said: Clean, family friendly rest area with plenty of room to run out the kids and pets. Well maintained! Great Job Wyoming - you put all other states to shame when it comes to rest areas.
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Matt Peterson
Jul 3, 6:00 PM
Its a rest area. What do you expect. Was reasonably clean.
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Jessica Gates
Jun 24, 6:25 PM
Great small town ambience. Everything was closed when we came through.
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Terri Lange
Apr 24, 2:55 AM
Awesome place to stop and take a break. My dogs loved it. I'll stop there again Clean and well kept.
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Kiersten Sharp
Jan 13, 6:55 AM
I was surprised to see how tiny the town was. (Hopefully, I'm not mistaken.) At first, I thought it was just a rest area; but, when we were leaving we began to see 👀 houses with fenced in back backyards. The restroom area was well maintained. I think it would kind of neat to grow up in such a unique place. Be able to say "I lived in a rest stop blah blah blah blah"
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Fellow Trucker
May 26, 1:19 AM
no police
some spots