Fellow Trucker
Mar 22, 2:21 PM
no police
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Sep 7, 2:18 PM
no police
lots of spots
Mike N
Jul 16, 6:16 PM
As far as rest areas go, this one was pretty good. The restrooms were very clean. I enjoyed the environment, and looking at the beautiful scenery. It wasn't anything special to look at, but looking at the scenery that this country has to offer is always a pleasure. There was plenty of parking, both for cars and trucks. There was a pet area. There was a map of the area and some information.
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Jul 9, 4:43 AM
Basic rest stop nothing fancy about this place although I do feel that it's a little ironic that the picture of my truck and trailer are on the description photos which I did not post. Oh well life goes on but to say the least I was not all that impressed by this place I have seen better
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Daren Sonnabend
Jun 3, 5:31 PM
Very convenient very clean nice place to sit down and relax
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Lacey Stricklin
Feb 14, 2:16 AM
More truck parking than you think. Late night and still parking left. Great location to max HOS
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Britt Launius
Feb 9, 12:14 AM
Amazing view! I sat on a conference call looking at this view. Great reception too!
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