Marissa Stuber
Jun 16, 7:36 AM
This is one of the rest stops along my route from Illinois to South Carolina. Hands down, this is the best rest stop in all five states I pass!! It's clean every time I come through- no matter the time of day-, my dogs love to try to drag me down the hill, and every time I go to buy something out of the vending machine, it ALWAYS works and has what I want in stock!!! (That strawberry lemonade stuff for 1.75 is the bomb tho!) I love this stop so much my family even jokes about it when we start going town the mountain grade, because we all know my stop is coming up! Even if I don't NEED to stop, I do, every single time I'm going by. And on a 12-15 hour drive, that should say enough.
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Chica R
Jun 6, 6:27 PM
Very clean rest stop and I loved it was very open and had a beautiful view. Great place to stop and stretch your legs
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Brandy Roper
Mar 10, 10:39 AM
Pretty rest stop with great view. Less parking than lots of other rest areas. Staff was nice but had a large bathroom closed while there was a line for a one stall bathroom. Eventually opened other restroom
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tom knous
Feb 12, 7:13 PM
Beautiful place to stretch your legs enjoy the view and have a picnic. Restrooms are clean. A great place to relax and get off the interstate for a few minutes while on a trip!
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Mark Esslinger
Dec 24, 10:43 PM
Very nice and scenic stop. Easy in and out (for cars only - no trucks). It's on the lake with mountain behind so visually appealing. Plenty of bathrooms and some vending machines. There are some short paths to walk and stretch out as well as a pet area.
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 23, 4:05 AM