Walmart Supercenter

Marshall Simmons
Oct 4, 5:42 PM
The pickup tower at this Walmart is new to me and a lot more convenient than going to a pickup kiosk. But the kiosk is more convenient than shopping in the store.
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LaToya Moseley
Sep 13, 2:07 AM
I still love going to this Walmart even though I was stopped on my way out of the door tonight and asked for my receipt which was no problem until 2 white couples walked right by me and out the door! I didn't appreciate it at all because it made me feel like they were implying that I was stealing but the actions of one employee isn't going to stop me from shopping there again. It is what it is I guess!
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Ashley Ocker
Sep 10, 10:21 PM
I bought jewelry and tank tops on clearance and they were even less than expected at the register. They keep increasing their stock of organic and gluten free foods which I personally don't like because it means less low fat options. However, most of my old items are still available online and I can pick them up for free.
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William Henderson
Jul 10, 1:37 AM
Most of my experience has been in the shop getting oil changes and the sporting goods department. Good supervision but short staffed in the shop. Great employees in the sporting goods area. An old Vietnam veteran is very helpful picking out fishing gear and ammo.
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John Burch
Jul 8, 7:04 PM
They need more regular register lanes open. Every time we shop here we spend 15 minutes in line just to pay. When each line has 5 carts deep, that should tell management that people don’t want to do scan and go as much as they think.
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