Walmart Supercenter

Patrick  McCarthy
Jun 20, 1:59 AM
Used the product pickup. They were mindful of COVID19 Requirements. Very quick. Got ~60%of what I asked for(pretty good. Kroeger averages 40%)
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Travis Profitt
Jun 16, 1:40 AM
They are out of electronics stock. Don't go if you're looking for tablets or laptops because they do not have them. Otherwise they are decent... needs better customer service though.
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Rebecca Maynard
Jun 13, 5:43 PM
I like this walmart more than other ones I have been too. It's a lot more clean & nice. They have everything you want or need just about. Clothes, food, 1st aid, house stuff, guns, ammo, camping, car stuff, etc etc.. Only thing I have noticed that they could work on is keeping the restrooms more clean.
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Emily DeVos
May 31, 8:26 PM
It was too crowded, most people weren't wearing masks. One person had it shoved in his pocket. They were out of several things, (no, I want there for toilet paper) which is somewhat understandable. I rarely go to Walmart, but I was convinced by someone to go pick up a few essentials there. I was not surprised. The only reason it didn't get one star was because the staff was friendly, it looked like they were doing their best to keep up with the massive amount of people in the store.
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Luv1 Like1
Mar 29, 3:04 AM
Shout-out to the "Essential workers" even during this time and although some shelves were bare still found everything needed...Plus a special shout-out to 'Stephanie in customer service' left my sun glasses so called before I made the trip back out, not only did she search the area/register I was at but she found them and put them up for me!!! Wow at a time such as this there is still some who go out of their way to show Kindness : ) So very Grateful Thank u/yall are Essential?
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