David Mathieson
Jul 13, 5:29 AM
It beautiful just like a campsite!
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Suzanne Purtee
Jun 27, 10:36 PM
Pretty setting neat and clean. A passive solar rest area. Go WY!
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Mary Johnston
Apr 3, 1:23 PM
The place is clean and well lit. One of my favorites.
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James Duncan
Apr 1, 5:30 PM
Decent little rest area to stop and get a nap when you area on a long trip.
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Gabrielle Garzon
Mar 8, 9:08 PM
Great! The bathrooms were clean. Also it had nice information resources about the area.
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 20, 9:12 PM
no police
some spots
Nov 9, 2:12 PM
no police
lots of spots