AMBEST Travel Center

Karriem H.
Jul 30, 2:48 AM
Other than having the Sheriff called on me for simply sitting inside my own vehicle, the experience was pretty good. Food from diner was great! Evening...
Jay Hillman
May 31, 9:37 PM
Great place to stop. Free showers for drivers during covid19 bs, $1.50 washers and dryers compared to big chain truck stops which is $3.00. Will definitely stop again.
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May 28, 6:07 AM
Great place to stop by. Clean bathroom with friendly service with all the stuff you need for a road trip. Will stop by next time I go to Louisiana.
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Vonjeston Diggs
Apr 2, 2:09 PM
Food and Restaurants are nice . Truck Parking needs some more lights and security. At night it's too dark and nicer than everything else besides I come there always traveling but plenty free truck parking.
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george kritko
Mar 12, 12:52 AM
great truckstop, good diner food, clean showers, tv room, shuttle to the casino, 200+ parking slots
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Dawn V.
Jun 18, 10:17 AM
We only stopped because we were low on gas but then we discovered the wonderful food inside! Whether you sit in the restaurant or get it to go at the...
Wanda Kelley
Jun 2, 1:52 AM
I stop here everytime I get the chance because I know I will not be disappointed. As of yet, I have not had one bad meal from the restaurant. Those ladies know how to cook! The staff is always friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are clean and tidy. Added bonus is the huge parking area for truckers. It's very well lit and quiet.
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Apr 2, 5:40 PM
many spots
Fellow Trucker
May 17, 7:28 PM
many spots
Tina R.
Dec 20, 6:16 PM
Pretty nice. Clean restrooms. Deli kept full with fresh chicken livers, gizzards, fish, foot long corn dogs, Chesters' Chicken and tatie logs among the...