Pilot Travel Center

Mika M
Apr 6, 2:01 AM
One of the best Pilots hands down. Very Very clean from the parking lot to the rest rooms to the shower. I was very impressed. I wish all locations were like this one. There employees keeps the place looking nice and you can tell take pride in there job.
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Shaunda Goings
Feb 17, 10:37 PM
Belatrice and Keisha (Sorry if I misspelled) Are the best at this pilot! These lady's show great customer service and excellent professionalism. Even tho my brain is fried from Florida heat, these lady's helped me on my way. Thanks ladies. You deserve a raise! ?
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Jennifer Alexander
Feb 1, 11:57 PM
Everytime I go the service usually is quick and the staff are great. The food is good especially the pizza, potato wedges and salads! Gas is cheaper here than in Belle Glade where the price is 10 cents more. Thank you Pilot for all that you do to make travellers and even the locals save on gas, eat great and relax!
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C Fabre
Jan 7, 1:32 PM
My daughter and I stopped there on our way back from Miami and it's a very clean and a very lit up place to stop fill up the gas tank and get some snacks. They have good warm food including great hot and iced coffee!! Nice clean bathrooms. But their customer service is a little disappointing!! It was the first time I prepay for gasoline but then after spending time to get my coffee I went outside to put in the gas, and the pump had turned off!!?? So I had to go back inside and let the clerk know. Thank God I had asked for the receipt, otherwise I would probably not been able to get my gasoline. Because the clerk double checked my receipt as if in doubt I had prepaid for the gas!! This is worrisome!! You would think they would have a system that verifies if the pump had dispensed the fuel.
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Elizabeth Tenesaca
Aug 7, 1:27 PM
Love the shower, it's big compared to other locations but the best of all is the shower handle! The soup is delicious! Friendly employees
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 24, 4:39 AM
no spots