Welcome Center

Jeffrey Serrano
Jul 11, 2:18 AM
Very well maintained
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Griffin Benson
Jul 9, 7:21 PM
An eyesore! Big whoop, they have "IOWA" written over the building like its something to be proud of, thanks Obama!
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Laura Reny
Apr 15, 3:29 PM
Good semi parking that isn't too far from the restrooms. Clean place, vending machines that also had a coffee one.
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Apr 8, 12:45 AM
no police
lots of spots
Kenyon Kopp
Dec 17, 7:17 PM
One of the nicest cleanest rest areas I've been to. Two people working, cleaning even in the middle of the night. Clean bathrooms, clean parking area etc.
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Vitek Ogorek
Dec 11, 1:38 PM
No Warm Water !!! Water is very cold !!! They spent a lot of tax money on unnecessary things here just waste tax money on marble and big hall but too low restrooms wall every body watching you when you do things!!! Sorry but this is my experience!!! Restrooms was nice and clean and hall was nice and clean.
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Allison L.
Oct 8, 12:41 AM
By far, the best rest area I've been to in the middle of the night. Maybe the best rest area any time of day. As a single female, I'm a bit apprehensive...
Jerry M.
Apr 25, 6:25 AM
As you approach this rest area, you first notice the nib in front, then see this rest area has Iowa written all over it. The University of Iowa in nearby...
Janet E.
Feb 21, 4:58 PM
If there is one thing I've noticed since traveling through Iowa, its that they have the most beautiful rest areas! This rest area was beautiful on the...