Border Crossing

Buddy Oakes
Aug 23, 4:43 PM
Worst Mexican border town ever. In June 2005 we were swarmed by kids and adults selling stuff the minute we set foot in Mexico. We left immediately.
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Daniel M
Jul 17, 12:36 AM
This port seems to have recently been either remodeled or upgraded. I gotta say it's probably the nicest port of entry I've ever used. There is artwork past the checkpoint which is very nice. This would have been a five star review had the agent on duty been a bit friendlier. There was not another soul in the port of entry but my party of 3, but when we entered those door, he was not happy. LOL, wow, their attitude just baffles me..After I passed I turned to look at his computer screen and the guy returned to surfing the internet. --Ah, mystery solved.
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Jane Cinnamon
Nov 27, 11:28 PM
Nice border patrol officer at the gate when we crossed back into the US.
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Joseph Yaroch
Jul 5, 3:22 AM
Even though we were protesting, chanting, and waving signs, the border police were polite and professional. This reflects well on them.
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Canton Ergo
Jan 5, 5:11 PM
Fair and serios
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