Flying J US Dealer

Sandy C.
Jun 28, 7:08 PM
So don't think you can get fast food here... idiots close at 7 PM UTAH time. Big sign, they work so hard that I guess they have to do banker's hours &...
Julia P.
May 24, 5:53 PM
RV drivers, they have long poles for window washes here! Water coulda been cleaner but still a nice bonus to be able to reach the windows without getting my...
Fellow Trucker
May 8, 3:15 AM
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Oct 6, 9:21 PM
lots of spots
Dolores D.
Jun 18, 9:38 PM
Nice & clean gas station. I like how the bathroom floor & walls are like stone. They have automatic hand dryers. They have lots of room for parking the...
Nita Giles
Jun 2, 10:09 PM
The tire store is great. One of the repairman noticed a bulge in our travel trailer tire. We had them check it out and show us the problem. They were not high pressured whatsoever. I was her skeptical because about 3 years ago they had some pretty sketchy reviews. We also told the employees there that we were concerned. They said they have new ownership, and they did not want to do anything we didnt feel good about. Long story short..we had all 4 tires replaced st $800. Total price installed.I am grateful we stopped there for gas. Can't say enough good about all the employees there. Very honest.
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Bryan McMullin
Apr 15, 1:27 AM
My front tires were pretty worn and one finally went flat. We pulled up just as they were closing up shop, but they, without being asked if they could stay open and change them, said they can take care of it for us and reopened the shop. I don't know if we would have made it the last 150 miles if they didn't. Thanks for the outstanding customer service guys!
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Roger Layton
Aug 4, 1:31 PM
Clean store. Clean restrooms. Good place to stop if you need gas, or have it.
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eric domgaard
Jul 17, 9:31 PM
Typically when you are forced to do business with an auto service station in the middle of nowhere it's a bad experience. That was not the case for us, they gave us fair prices, were done quickly, and were just all around nice people.
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Dylan Shakespear
Apr 4, 6:32 PM
It's a good stop. It's as simple as that. Usually it's pretty busy because it's the location.
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