Dillon Sawyer
Aug 22, 1:24 AM
Magnificent views of some beautifulcsnyons and desert scenery.
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Julia Close
Jun 26, 9:43 PM
Very pretty and interesting.
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Mike Foster
May 31, 3:00 AM
This is a beautiful place to stop on a long road trip to stretch the legs, get some fresh air, and maybe go potty. This place seems like it's a million miles from about where. The views are tremendous. Everyone traveling this section of I-70 should stop and appreciate the beauty.
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Don Muir
Jan 29, 8:48 PM
Another GEM along I-70. Such beautiful views. Had lunch at one of the picnic tables, much appreciated. Washrooms were clean. Just so much of this beautiful State to see.
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Isac Dymesich
Aug 16, 3:29 PM
This place is in the middle of no man's land. The rest stop is nice, only pit toilets because there is no electricity for miles. The views of the San Rafel Swell formations are amazing! If you had time planned in to do some exploring this would be a great place. Pictures were heading up into the swell a couple of miles before the rest stop.
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