Jennifer Vincent
Jul 12, 5:07 AM
A beautiful drive
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Lisa Parrino
Jun 20, 3:53 AM
Very beautiful
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War Pancakes
Apr 11, 5:13 PM
As rest stops go, this one ranks among the best. Great scenery and lots of space to walk around. There is a trails including one that leads out to a point with steep cliffs on both sides. If you've got kids or dogs, keep them on a short leash to save them from the deceptively dangerous cliffs.
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Felicia Millen
Aug 8, 6:12 PM
It's always a beautiful area. Even though we've driven through here many times, I always can help but take a few pictures!
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Jim Bullock
Aug 4, 2:33 AM
One of those you can't pass up because of the majestic view you lay your eyes upon plus it was a quick easy off and on
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