AMBEST Fuel Stop

Jan 14, 2:21 AM
no spots
Ed Huffine
Jun 28, 5:26 PM
I stopped in and used men’s bathroom it quite possibly may be the worst I’ve ever seen. Human feces all over the floor and toilet. The sink look like it was a sink from a automotive repair shop. And the floors had not been swept or mopped in months very very poor housekeeping will never stop again I told station attendant about bathroom and she said it gets cleaned every day.. that bathroom hadn’t been cleaned in a month
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Lucky Chavez
Aug 20, 2:10 AM
Convenient location, stocked with many, many options for convenient in-store store purchase. Gas price was quite optimal, however I will opt to refuse to spend my money here. My issue with the location was the setup and disgusting condition of the women's restroom. There was urine literally everywhere in the room, and the lock cylinder has been completely removed. I have a physical handicap, and my child has a developmental disability that occasionally requires me to need to lock a restroom door to ensure that there are no issues with my child's use of the facility. He is 12 years old but requires assistance, and if there's no "family" restroom option, we sometimes will use the women's room so that I can assist him. I sometimes need to lock the door to ensure privacy, for us as well as any female patrons who may be offended by a preteen male present in the ladies room while they are using the mext stall without their knowledge until it's 'too late.' This method is used in the event that others do not understand my son's needs on first impression, however this is also to respect my son's right to not be embarassed by havimg to announce or explain his disability (when I 'have to' justifyhis presence in the ladies room at his age to someone who becomes offended at his presence in the opposite gender restroom). I'm very thankful that I happened to be alone this time. However I do feel incredibly sick to my stomach, and frankly very sorry for the poor child whose parent brought him into the next stall to use the restroom, because he wasn't wearing shoes and he walked through the dirt and urine. Some of the urine had begun to dry and was sticky all over the floor in some spots, with other puddles still wet (recent). Dirt, grime buildup, and toilet tissue were just all over the room. As fae as handicap accessibility, the sink and hand dryer were across the room from one another; so after I washed my hands and used my cane to get across the room to dry my hands, my cane was consequently wet. I had to lean against the dirty, sticky wall in order to use the electric hand dryer to dry off my cane's handle, so that I could keep a safe grip on it while walking out to my vehicle. I will NEVER return to this specific location. Circle K should be ashamed of the condition of the facilities here, as well as the incredibly inconvenient setup for use by the handicapped members of the community. I'm quite glad that this location isn't local for me and that I'm only passing through town.
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Jennifer Kelso
May 31, 11:00 PM
Don't go for polar pops, their machine never works. EVER!
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